CPR Challenge

Cenla Kayak Anglers
Catch Photo Release Challenge

What is it?
The CPR Challenge allows CKA members to fish at their leisure over most of the year, and still compete for prizes.  It's simple - catch one of the target species, place it on an approved measuring board, take a photograph showing the fish, the board, and the CKA CPR 2016 Token in the photo.   You then can release the fish - we encourage it - but if you keep it, there'll be no deduction.  Submit the photo and a CPR form to the tournament director within 2 weeks. At the end of the Challenge, prizes will be awarded based on longest length.

DATE:    2016 Challenge - March 16, 2016 thru November 30, 2016
ENTRY FEE:    Free to CKA members  (see rules below)
ENTRY PERIOD:   Anytime during the open period of the contest
ELIGIBILITY:   Prior to submitting entries, and at the conclusion of the contest, participant must be either:  (a) a paid member of CKA in good standing -OR-
(b) on the club roster - valid until 5/1
ENTRY EMAIL:  cpr@rsff.org

· Largemouth Bass
- Crappie
· Redfish
· Fly Rod Largemouth Bass

1.  Awards to go to 3 places in each category (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
2. Angler can only win in one main category (1st,2nd,3rd) but may be eligible for secondary prizes.
3. In case of ties, tie breaker goes to first entry.

Bonus Drawing:
All entrants who are non-winners will be eligible for a drawing of a prize at the end of the Challenge. 

CPR Tournament Director
Glen Cormier (temporary)

Rules and Regulations
1.  Fish must be caught from a paddle or pedal powered craft, such as kayak, canoe, or pirogue.  Trolling motors ARE allowed up to 55 pounds thrust.  No gas engines or "mother ships" allowed.
2.  You are allowed to wade fish or fish off of the bank as long as you are fishing within 100 feet of your launched paddle craft.
3. Fish must be caught in any public accessible water in the state of Louisiana
4.  All entries must be submitted by email and include (a) photo and (b) CPR Entry Form.   The email to send entries to is:  cpr@rsff.org
5.  Photos must include (a) fish on an approved measuring board, (b) the CPR Token,  and (c) the floor of your kayak.  NOTE: Fly rod categories - picture must also show fly reel and fly.
6.  Photos and entries must be submitted with 1 week of catch except the last week of November.   The last week of November all photos must be submitted by midnight on December 1, 2016.
7.  A photo token will be required in each picture with fish.  Copy of the 2016 CPR Token will be posted to the web site on March 15, 2016.  Date of catch will be used as a tie breaker to score same size entries.
8. A CPR Entry Form must also be submitted with each entry.  Missing information from the Entry Form can be grounds for disqualification of the entry.
9.  We encourage release.
10. Pictures must be taken with fish on a store bought ruler.
11. Fishes mouth must be closed and fish must lay natural.  If the fish has an excessively open mouth, a deduction of 1/2 inch will be accessed.
12. You may use bands to secure fish for photo.
13. Pinched tails allowed, fish should lay as natural as possible..
14. Avoid having hands in photo.
15. You can upgrade as many times as needed during the contest.
16. There are no size and/or "slot" limit (unless you plan on keeping fish)  so bull redfish are eligible.
17. Artificial and live bait, GULP, scent sprays and dips are all allowed.
18. Information and inquires email cpr@rsff.org